A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027: Dr. Travis Zigler, Functional Eye Health

A Medicinal Mind Episode 027


On this Podcast Dr. Travis Zigler describes his framework for understanding eye disease, seeing systemic chronic inflammation as a much greater contribution to the health of our eyes than when classically think.

Dr. Travis Zigler then shares his revolutionary business model, turning the classic optometry clinic on its head in order to create a flourishing online business and education platform that has enabled him and his wife to fund larger scale mission trips to provide eye exams to those who otherwise would go without.

We explore the evolution and success of new businesses driven by foundational missions and core values as compared to the simple pursuit of growing the size of a business.

We then get back into the medical space as Dr.Travis Zigler offers his insights into some of the most common conditions he sees affecting the eye and how he seeks to help his patients heal.

We explore the role of a plant based diet, supplements such as fish oil, the integration of regular eyelid cleaning and the protection of one’s eyes from blue light as some of the most effective ways to prevent many of the common chronic eye conditions.

Jumping from dry eye and cataracts to disrupted sleep from blue light exposure and myopia, Dr. Travis Zigler offers so much practical insights into how we can effectively keep our eyes and our entire bodies healthy as we age.

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