How to Prevent Macular Degeneration From Getting Worse The loss of sight induces a sense of fear that almost feels primal. When one of our most frequently used senses fails to function, we feel threatened and we are forced to acclimate by relying more heavily on our senses of hearing and touch. Perhaps this natural association of vision loss with danger accounts for the fear that we experience when diagnosed with a condition like age-related macular degeneration (AMD). According to AMD.org, this condition is the primary cause of severe vision...


There are currently no treatments for macular degeneration that completely cure the disease or even stop its progression. Research in recent years has discovered various ways to slow inevitable vision loss and, although rarely, improve vision in particular areas. Several types of treatment include laser treatment, combinations of medicines, and injection. Concerns about injections for macular degeneration being painful should be eased since they are regarded as straightforward and painless. Several injection-based treatments are detailed below. Visudyne Visudyne drug treatment is a photodynamic therapy that was the first drug therapy...


How Fast Does Macular Degeneration Progress? Macular Degeneration is a condition which results in deterioration of the center part of the retina. The retina is located in the inside of the back layer of the eye and sends signals to the optic nerve, which the brain translates into an image. This allows us to interpret what we see. The macula is the center of vision that allows us to see color, focus for reading, and see fine details like the expressions on people’s faces. What Is the Difference Between Wet...



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