What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Cataracts?

Early Signs of Cataracts

What are the symptoms of early cataracts?

We see cataracts every single day in our practice and I always tell people, getting a cataract is kind of like looking through a dirty windshield. Basically, there is just a haze over everything, kind of a blurriness over everything, and it is not something that goes away. So, with dry eye sometimes if you blink a couple of times your eyes will clear up and you’ll see a little bit better. With cataracts that is something that does not get better with blinking, it does not get better with putting on the best prescription pair of glasses for you. Looking through a dirty windshield, that is kind of how I describe it. You will also notice probably more glare, especially at night. We talked a little bit about glare before in the live videos and glare can be huge with cataracts especially at night so that is definitely one of the symptoms that you would notice.

You have a windshield that you cannot clean off. The only way it is going to be solved is from getting a cataract surgery because glasses will not solve it. That is the hardest thing to get through to a patient. For some reason patients still don’t listen to us and they get glasses and then they come back in and say the glasses didn’t work. I actually don’t release glasses prescriptions usually unless they’re really adamant about it . Yes, you will notice glare at night time and just a foggy vision. It gradually comes on so it is kind of hard to pinpoint. 

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