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To celebrate our 2-year group anniversary and hitting 6,000 members in the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community, we are giving away a 5 Dry Eye Relief Kits which includes Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser, Heyedrate Omega-3, Heyedrate Tea Tree Soap, and a Heyedrate Warm Compress! 



Dry eyes especially when I wear my contact

Cherrie Belew

Have dry eyes but no insurance 4 prescription would dearly love to win thank you for the chance. Happy new year to all

Dorothy Hummel

Constantly use refresh eye drop every 2 hours


Is this the way to register for one of the free dry eye relief kits? I couldn’t figure out any other way.


I am suffering from dry eyes for the past 5 years,
so I would love to try eyelove.

Amelia Young

Would love to win

Susie Jordan

Love heyedrate lid and lash cleanser


Would love to try your products

Marty Adkison

I’ve only used the lash heydrater, but, very pleased 😊

Sally richardson

So glad have found this group, learning a lot about dry eyes. The videos are very informative and I don’t feel so alone now with this dry eye condition, we all help each other. Thank you


Hi, this is all new to me but learning so much from both of you. Was going to give up with Xiidra due to the burn, thick tearing, blurred vision… i thought how could these drops be good. My eye lids were soo dry and I was desperately seeking how or what moisturizer I could use. I’m glad I reached out for more info last week when saw you videos. Still learning which product would be best. My eyes never looked so bad… red, very crusty dry lids, more wrinkles. Can you suggest a eye cream or another solution? Thank you for education!!! Have a wonderful holiday too!

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