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Cheryl F. 

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To celebrate hitting 5,000 members in the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community, we are giving away a 6-month supply of Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser.  


monica dawson

I have been using the lid and lash cleaner and been taking their Omega 3 for the last 6 months or longer. My ocular rosacea is finally under control! I can see clearly, don’t need constant drops throughout the day, and can finally wear my contacts again. Love this stuff and never want to be without. Highly recommend both products.

Courtnea stark

I have been using heyedrate four five months, and it is the best treatment I have used so far. It so much less expensive than the one my Dr. Perscribed, and it lasts longer, too. I am also using the tea tree soap in conjunction with the eyelid wash. I would love to win the six month supply, and I highly recommend this product. I have dry eyes, blepharitis, and blephospasms also. This is the best treatment I have had in many years.

Leanne Butta

I’m really enjoying your page. So much helpful information, especially for dry eyes! Thanks!

MeLinda Hughes

This stuff is great! I love all the products!!!

Ann Marie giraldi

This product has made a wonderful improvement w/my husband and his eyes. He has lashes that curve into his eyes . He had surgery and procedures which brought no relief until he began using this product. Thank you


My girlfriend has dry eyes & can not find a fix….so far

Helen Ponder

Need this my eyes water all the time love to win this .

Linda Scheuring

Love this stuff, it really helps with my dry eye.

elizabeth nazzaro

Haven’t tried it yet! reading good reviews….

karla Allen

this stuff is awesome!!!

elayne taylor

Good stuff!

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