What to Avoid on a Gluten Free Diet

How To Be Gluten Free

I’m trying to start going gluten free. It is overwhelming that I have to cut out so many foods. Are you aware of starter’s guide of going gluten free?

Yes, it is tough. First, what I would do, is cut out all of your bread, all of your pastas, cookies, and cakes, and foods like that. Now, those can be made gluten free so that is a possibility. You can get gluten free flour or cornmeal or something like that. Oatmeal is gluten free, but it is made on equipment that is not gluten free. You do have to find the gluten free versions. Then other things to look for, things like soy sauce. There is gluten in most soy sauces but there are gluten free versions. The biggest thing is to read labels. Anything that has wheat, rye, or barley is going to have gluten in it. A lot of things that are gluten free these days say it on the package. So even things like pasta sauce, most of it is not gluten free, but classical pasta sauce is always gluten free.

Another one we do is when going to a Mexican restaurant most tortillas are whole wheat because they stick together better. If you do a corn tortilla, that is going to be gluten free, but it is made of corn.

We are going to give you some different recommendations on things like that when we go through our food section in our series. We are going to have a food list that you can use. Kind of like the “Eat This Not That” section.

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