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What is the Best Fish Oil Without Mercury and Contaminants?

February 28, 2018 2 min read

Omega 3 Fatty Acids 

I am allergic to mercury and I have read that some fish oil contains mercury. Does your fish oil contain mercury and other contaminants and where do you get your fish from?

All fish have contaminants. It is impossible to get away from that because humans are dumping waste into the ocean. Believe it or not, there is just so much waste in the ocean and what is happening is the small fish eat it, and then the big fish eat the small fish. It is actually starting to find plastic particles in the fish. So, no matter what fish oil you get, no matter how high the quality is, it is going to have some form of contaminants. That being said, we source ours from a higher grade source. More sustainable source, meaning they are not killing off the fish. It is fish that is constantly being reproduce. We do it in a less polluted area off the shores of Iceland. Iceland is a very very huge fishing island and that is where some of the best fish come from. We make sure we only get our fish oil from Iceland.

Another good area is Nordic or Norway. Nordic Naturals is another good quality fish oil because they get the fish oil from Norway area. That whole North European area is good. Our fish oil is from Iceland and it is very sustainable. It is going to be less filled with contaminants, or free of mercury. Plus the process of the refinement is a lot better where we get it done. Any type of contamination or any type of mercury that is in the fish that are used, the amount is going to be so low especially from the areas that we get our fish oil from. That is something that you never have to worry about. If we were to get it from another area that did not regulate things like Iceland does or like Norway does then that might be an issue.

Next question: Will the fish oil also help dry skin and depression and can it be used on natural thyroid medication?

If you are on more of a homeopathic thyroid route, I would talk to your homeopathic doctor about that first. Does it help with dry skin and depression? Yes, it does. A lot of my patients that are taking it notice their scalp is less dry, their skin is less dry, their hair is less dry, and has less dandruff. They notice their depression goes away. We have had a couple of success stories on our website about depression going away from taking our fish oil, which is pretty cool.

Last question: Can you still take a regular multivitamin along with fish oil?

Absolutely, I take a multivitamin everyday and I take our fish oil everyday. Then, to answer that question, the mucin released from lactoferrin is good for mucin deficiency.

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