What is Lipiflow Treatment? Will it Work for MGD?

Lipiflow Effectiveness 

Does Lipiflow Work for MGD?

That is what Lipiflow is designed for. You're literally doing warm compresses and massage at the same time during the Lipiflow procedure. It’s got two different pads, one is a heating pad, one is a pausing pad. So, it heats and then it pauses. It heats up the oil and then it breaks it apart with the pauses, and then it heats up the oil, and then it breaks it apart. 

Dr. Jenna actually had it done at an Ophthalmology office in Columbia, South Carolina. Basically, the way it works is, they clamp your eyelids in between those pads and it heats on one side, it pulses, and it kind of works those oils out. Now, it’s very different for everybody whether it works for you or not. I recommend trying it if it’s something you’ve never tried. It’s worth the try. Keep in mind that after warm compresses and after lipiflow, your eyes can actually feels worse because of those oils that were expressed. Over time, as your eyelids make better oils, that goes away and you shouldn't have an issues with it. 

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