What is Blepharitis? What is Demodex? How Can You Treat It?


What type of tests should a patient undergo to properly diagnose dry eye, blepharitis, or demodex?

Let’s break it down. So, what is blepharitis? Blepharitis is just inflammation, that’s the last part of the word “itis” of the “blephar” which is the eyelid. So, blepharitis is just inflammation of the eyelid. You don’t really need any test to undergo that, you just need a doctor to look at you under a microscope and you can probably see it yourself because inflammation is redness, heat, a little bit of pain. So if your eyelids are red and inflamed and if they feel hot to the touch or warm to the touch that means they’re inflamed. If they’re a little painful, that’s blepharitis, that’s inflammation of the eyelid. Crustiness on your eyelashes and you can see that, that’s what blepharitis is.

So, let me do a follow-up question on that, how do you get rid or how to get rid of blepharitis?  It all comes down to lid hygiene like we talked about and even demodex is the same thing. There are certain things that we look for under a microscope that tell us that there’s demodex there. Keeping your eyelids really clean with our spray every  morning and evening, that’s a great way to start. With demodex we like to use tea tree oil soap and you want wash your face with tea tree oil soap. It will migrate onto your eyelids and really help to clean up that bacteria and clear out that demodex for you.

Then, what is demodex? Demodex is a nasty mite that lives in your eyelash follicles! I know nobody likes to hear that but a lot of you have heard us talk about it. These mites are very common in the older population especially. I don’t know the exact percentage but definitely people over the age of 75 almost everybody has it. So, make sure you keep those eyelids clean and tea tree oil actually will directly kill it and the hypochlorous acid spray that we have will kill off the bacteria that those demodex feed on. Demodex can also live on your scalp too, it’s pretty much any hair follicle and so that’s why I use our tea tree oil soap bar on my hair. It sounds weird to use soap bar in your hair, but it’s actually a lot easier than using shampoo, but I use the soap bar on my hair, and then on my face, and then my beard now, and the rest of my body too. It just helps with my dandruff, my eczema, and everything so I am really a big fan of our tea tree oil soap. I gets rid of demodex mites as a good side effect.


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Lindy miller

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Dr. Jenna Zigler

Hey Peggh – Yes. More specifically, dry eyes cause the blurry vision…but blepharitis is a cause of dry eyes.


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