What Causes Eye Twitching?

Eye Twitching Cure

My bottom lower lid twitches when my eyes are very dry. Have you seen this a lot? It makes me nervous!

Twitching eyelids are caused usually from stress, or from caffeine, or usually some kind of stimulant, and not enough sleep. So, most likely your dry eyes cause you to stress out, which causes your eyelid twitch. It's not a big deal. If it becomes bothersome you can have a botox injection as a last resort. There are other things you can try before that though. You can try Benadryl, which does work in some people, but you’re probably going to dry your eyes out with that.

Some people swear by tonic water. You can try drinking tonic water because it has a chemical in it (quinine) that has been shown to help in some people. So, if that's occurring and it hasn’t gone away after a week or so, then that's something you can try too. Just try to decrease that caffeine, if you drink any, and get a little more sleep if you can. Don't let those dry eyes stress you out if you can help it.


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Dr. Jenna Zigler and Dr. Travis Zigler


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