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What Causes an Eye Twitch and Can it be Permanent?

March 07, 2018 2 min read

Causes and Cures for Eye Twitching

Can PRK cause a permanent eye twitch?

I hope not! Not many things can cause a permanent eye twitch. If you have had an eye twitch for a while, a couple things that can cause it are, dry eye (which PRK can cause), stress which goes along with dry eye, not getting enough sleep, too much caffeine can also cause your eye to twitch. Those are the main four that I talk to my patients about when they have an eyelid twitch. If you have one that's been going on for a while, try decreasing your caffeine intake, decreasing your stress, treating your dry eye the best that you can, and increasing the amount that you are sleeping. Other than that, there are couple of things that you can try. Sometimes antihistamines, although they can cause dry eye so be careful with this but, like taking a Benadryl for a couple of days can cause that twitch to go away because of the ingredient in the antihistamine can really help with that.

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Okay, sorry about that. Anyway, I was talking about lid twitches. Something else you can try besides dealing with the stress, sleep, and caffeine, is trying an antihistamine for a couple of days. Just be careful because that can cause more dry eye in some cases, but in some people it can help that eyelid twitch to go away. Others might try tonic water. I have read that works too. I have never tried it, but I have had patients who have used because of the quinine in it that can react and deal with your nerves that helps those eyelids to stop twitching. It is definitely something to try. Tonic water isn't all that great, but it might be worth it. There is a lot of sugar in it though so be careful with that, but it might be worth it to give it a try for a couple of days if you have not tried that yet.

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