What Are Demodex Eyelash Mites? How Does Tea Tree Oil Help With Acne and Blepharitis?


 Demodex, Blepharitis, and Acne: How Tea Tree Oil Helps 

How Can Tea Tree Oil Help Treat Dry Eyes?

Lid scrubs, like Cliradex, have tea tree oil in them and tea tree oil is good for demodex. Demodex are eyelash bugs that lives in your eyelash follicles, the hair follicles of your eyelids.

We can see them and their eggs on the eyelash margin during an exam, and have seen them a lot. It's not pleasant! Lots of older patients have it so we see it often.

A little sneak peek into what's coming... I know it's been since June since we did a soft launch on our Heyedrate Tea Tree Soap Bar, but we have this in hand and this should now be available.  

It took a little longer than expected to get the soap back in stock because these are actually handmade here in South Carolina. We just met with the manufacturer that makes them and she has a little soap boutique that does high end soaps, deodorants, and other things that we use.

We asked her if she could make a tea tree oil one for us for our blepharitis patients, and she agreed. She's great and knows a lot about natural cosmetics and beauty!

Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap

Back to Cliradex and other tea tree scrubs on the market...they often have lots of unpronounceable ingredients.

Tea tree oil might dry out the skin of some people but it is safe. We use it for everything. We use our soap bar for hair, face, and in the shower for full body.

Five ingredients in the Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap

  1. Organic green tea
  2. Organic olive oil 
  3. Organic coconut oil
  4. Shea butter 
  5. Tea tree oil 

Some people will find that it is a little bit drying because tea tree oil can be drying. You can start out once or twice a day, and if you find out that it is just too drying for your skin, back it off a little bit and use it every other day.

We're promoting it as a face soap so you can wash your whole face with this.

Keep it by your sink and then you can just wet your hands, wet your face, rub it on, lather it up on your face, and then rinse it off.

Just don’t get it in your eyes... try to avoid that;  This does not have lye in it (which causes the eyes to burn) but it still does a really effective job. Get one for your shower, one for your sink!

One Love,

Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, Eye Love

Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler

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Ashley - operations manager at eye love on February 06 2018 at 02:23PM

hey Connee – We recommend closing the eyes tightly while washing your face, just like you normally would. The soap can be used on tightly closed eyelids but must be rinsed well afterward to avoid eye irritation. If any irritation does develop, rinsing with more water will help get rid of it. If you don’t want to use it on the eyelids, using it on the face will still ensure that you keep the skin around your eyes clean and free of the bacteria that demodex feed on. Hope this helps!

Connee Reau on February 02 2018 at 01:37PM

Wondering how the tea tree oil soap kills the bugs if you can’t use it on your lashes. I have started using the eyelash spray and do love what it has done for my redness so far… will definitely keep using it along with the warm compresses each day. Just wondering how to get the tea tree oil on the lashing without getting it in the eyes??

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