What Are Accutane Side Effects Involving the Eye?

Accutane Side Effects Involving the Eyes

Is Dry Eye from Accutane Permanent?

From what we know, it is not fully permanent but it can take months and months for your Meibomian Glands to start working again (it's pretty vicious stuff!) It's really hard to know how long it’s going to take, and everybody is kind of different. We've had a couple of questions about this before and really the answer is that we don't know how long it takes, but supposedly it is not permanent. Hopefully, at some point, you will get a little more relief than what you're getting now.

Accutane is a pretty intense medication so it can cause other problems with your eyes including optic nerve edema and optic neuritis, and that can cause permanent vision loss. It is a tough medication to go on for acne but it's necessary for a lot of people self-esteem wise so it's understandable why people use it. 

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