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How To Know The Perfect Size of Moisture Chamber Goggles

January 17, 2018 2 min read

Moisture Chamber Goggles 

Which moisture chamber goggles are best for a narrow face?

I have no idea. I thought most moisture chamber goggles are all conforming. I would say pretty much anything. They should have a measurement on them like, 52 to18. Look for the most narrow number. The first number, 52, is going to be the size of your lens. 18 is going to be the size of your bridge, and then you got another 52 on the other side. So, getting more narrow with that like 48, 16, would be better. That is the only thing I could think of that you could look for but I don’t even know if they put that in there.

I know there are some brands, I have looked at, that looked like real glasses only they have moisture chambers around them. Those you are definitely going to be able to find in different sizes. I would just go for the smallest size that you can if you have a really small face. Some of them are  not going to have sizes like that so you are just going to have to test them out. If you can find them I would look for the ones that do have sizes. If we can find anything that looks like it might work for you we will be sure to put it in the comments for you.

One Love,

Dr. Travis and Dr. Jenna

Dr. Jenna Zigler