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Symptoms of Demodex Mites in Humans and Treating Demodex

November 24, 2017 2 min read

What are Symptoms of Demodex Mites in Humans? And Demodex Mites Treatment...


“What are symptoms of demodex mites in humans and what are some demodex mites treatments?”


It’s Dr. Travis Zigler with Eye Love and Heyedrate, the CEO. I wanted to go over a couple of questions that we’ve had. 

First of all, the symptoms of demodex and what we look for in our patients are on the eyelid margin. You’re going to notice some itchy skin and kind of a dandruff looking appearance. It looks kind of like eczema or like a dermatitis. So, itchy, scaly skin that’s going to look very red. You’re going to have very sensitive skin, which if you put anything on it it’s going to burn quite a bit, even water will burn quite a bit when you wash your face. You’ll have that burning sensation with that no matter what you use to treat it. Then, you’re also going to have some skin that looks like sandpaper and it mimics the look of Eczema but when we look at it under a microscope we actually see a dandruff appearance on your eyelashes. We can actually see the demodex if we pluck that eyelash and look at it under a microscope.

What you want to do to treat demodex, is very simply, use a tea tree oil based soap or shampoo. We actually have made a product called the Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap. Me personally, I have dandruff and eczema and I use this for everything. I use it on my hair, I use it on my face, I use it on my eyelids, and don’t get it in the eye because any tea tree oil based product is going to burn if you get it in the eye. I use it again, on my hair, face and my whole body. You can also get demodex on your scalp and that will cause eczema, dandruff, itchy scalp, as well. If you’re having itchy eyelids and an itchy scalp, start using the shampoo bar. We called it a face soap bar, but I call it a shampoo bar because I use it on my hair, on my face and everything. Start using that pretty much all over and you’ll start noticing results pretty quickly. For maintenance, I still have my patients use that up to three or four time a week. Then we also have them use our Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser as well. Both of those are going to really help maintain demodex and reduce the number of demodex on your eyelids and hopefully get rid of them.

Try it out! As always, we come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products, so if you try both of our products and they don’t work, we’ll give you a full refund. Again, Dr. Travis Zigler, CEO of Eye Love. If you have any questions post them below this video. Thanks for listening!

One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler, heyedrate, Eye Love

Dr. Travis Zigler

Brought to you  by Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Soap: https://eyelovethesun.com/collections/dry-eye-syndrome/products/tea-tree-oil-soap 

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