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What is Photophobia?

May 25, 2018 2 min read

Light Sensitivity

Is there a cure for Photophobia?

I would say it depends on what is causing it. First of all, photophobia is simply an extreme form of light sensitivity. Usually, if it’s just that you’re light sensitive, then you’re just light sensitive (maybe you have light blue eyes or light hair, putting you at a higher risk of sensitivity). What I would recommend is getting a pair of transition lenses on your glasses. These lenses are clear indoors and then when you go outside they turn dark. That’s an easy way to solve it. There’s also darker transitions that have a tint indoors and they get darker when you go outside. Polarized lenses will help out with that too, and we recommend polarized sunglasses for everyone.

If photophobia is caused by something like having a scratch on your eye, then yes, you can cure it under the supervision of a doctor. If this is the case, your eye will likely also be red, irritated, maybe even painful, and difficult to open. 

Some people are really sensitive to light naturally, and some are not. As stated earlier, we see it lot more in people that have very light hair, light skin, bright blue eyes... those are the people that tend to be much more sensitive to light and in that case, there is really not a lot you can do besides making sure that you’re wearing a really great dark pair of sunglasses when you’re outside. Even indoors overhead lighting can be a problem, like the fluorescent lighting in many offices. Maybe try to change that lighting if you can help it. Obviously, if your eye is also red and irritated, make sure to pay a visit to your eye doctor.


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