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The Role of Omega-3 Fish Oil in Dry Eye Treatment

September 17, 2017 4 min read

Omega-3 Education Brochure

Treatment for Dry Eye - Omega-3 Fish Oil

What Is Omega-3 Fish Oil?

Omega-3 fish oil is a combination of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).  These are essential fatty acids to the body in the management and prevention of numerous disease.  This includes heart disease, high blood pressure, reducing triglycerides, and helping with dry eye.  Another benefit of fish oil is reducing inflammation, which helps heal the surface of the eye to treat dry eye.  They also help your oil glands in the eyelids, themeibomian glands, secrete a better oil onto the eye which prevents your tears from evaporating. This leads to more comfortable and less dry eyes.  

What Are Side Effects With Omega-3 Fish Oil?

Taking too much omega-3 fish oil can result in side effects ranging in severity, including bleeding or bruising, fishy taste in the mouth or fish burps (usually a sign of poor quality or rancid fish oil), upset stomach, acid reflux, loose stools, and nausea.  

Triglyceride vs. Ethyl Ester Fish Oil

Studies are indecisive on which is better for the body, but we promote a less processed and more whole food based diet, which is why we believe triglyceride form to be the best form.  Triglyceride fish oil is not as processed as ethyl ester fish oil and is the reason we chose to use it in theHeyedrate Omega-3 for Eye Health.  The triglyceride form absorbs more quickly in the body for a faster onset of action, but after two to four weeks, availability in the body is about equal.  

NERD ALERT → So why do companies use ethyl ester fish oil?  The primary reason is that companies can concentrate it more easily and put more into each capsule.  Ethyl ester fish oil is formed by processing the glycerol backbone of triglyceride-based fish oil and adding ethyl esters.

How Much Omega-3 Fish Oil Should I Take?

We recommend starting out with a “loading dose” when first starting fish oil.  Start by doubling the dose of omega-3 that is recommended, around 2,000 mg.  ForHeyedrate Omega-3 for Eye Health, we recommend taking three with breakfast and three with dinner for the first month, then reducing to a normal dose of three per day after that.   With any of the side effects listed above, reduce the dose that you are taking.  

For dry eye maintenance, we recommend taking 900 to 1,000 mg/day, but up to 3,000 mg/day is considered safe.  We don’t believe this higher dose to be necessary, as there are other oils that we recommend taking in conjunction with omega-3 fish oil.  

What is the Best Omega-3 Fish Oil?

Most omega-3 fish oil on the market is not premium quality and use cheaper sources of fish oil.  We recommend that everyone spend at least $25 per month on whatever fish oil they take.  At Eye Love, we take great pride in what we put in our body and what we put in your body.  We take everything that we make and would not want anything but premium quality.  

Our omega-3 fish oil,Heyedrate Omega-3 for Eye Health, is fished from Iceland, which practices sustainable fishing regulations.  Why Iceland? It has the world’s cleanest and greenest fishing and refining facilities.  

Our facilities also follow strict GMP standards, which areGood Manufacturing Practices.  GMPs are guidelines that provide a system of processes and documentation to assure a product has the strength, quality and purity that appear on its label.   This means that all our supplements are third party tested for purity.  

This may sound like a sales message, but I want you to be educated on WHAT you are buying in the supplement industry and why you should always buy supplements that are GMP certified, otherwise you might not know what is in your supplement.  Supplements are not regulated by the FDA and the GMP is an optional regulation that costs more but proves quality and concentration.  

Heyedrate Omega-3 for Eye Health


  • 930 mg of Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 515 mg EPA & 415 mg DHA - stimulate and enhance tear production and reduce inflammation and irritation
  • 40 mg Omega-7 improves oil gland function leading to more moisturized eyes, hair, and nails
  • 50 IU Vitamin E & 100 mg Vitamin C - strong antioxidants that prevent damage and promote healing on the eye’s surface
  • 10 mg Vitamin B-6 increases tear production
  • 20 mg of Magnesium repairs the eye’s surface, decreasing dryness and irritation
  • 10 mg of Lactoferrin reduces redness and soreness by stimulating tears and aiding in healing the dry eye surface

We sell the Heyedrate Omega-3 in a30-Day Supply and a90-Day Supply on Subscription which will save you over 20%.

One Love,

Dr. Travis Zigler

Dr. Travis Zigler
SeeEO of Eye Love
Director of the Dry Eye Syndrome Support Community
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2 Responses

Dr. Jenna Zigler
Dr. Jenna Zigler

September 21, 2017

Tina – Yes, we hope so – Everyone is different in how they will react, but we have formulated our new fish oil in triglyceride form, which means it is less processed and less likely to cause GI symptoms.


September 19, 2017

Is your fish oil less likely to give me reflux symptoms?

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