Is Krill Oil Good for Dry Eye?

Krill Oil for Dry Eyes

Is krill oil good for dry eyes?

Krill oil is an omega-3, but it is very similar to fish oil. It is a different form of fish oil. So, the reason omega-3 fish oil is good for dry eye is the same reason for krill oil. Some people prefer to take krill oil just because sometimes the pills can be much smaller. However, our new omega-3  pills are relatively small in size. We got a few complaints from our first omega-3 due to the size, and the pills were very hard to swallow. Our new Heyedrate Omega-3 for Eye Health has pills that are about a third of the size of the older version, so they're much easier to take.

How to take any supplement and make it easier for you? Most people, when they take a supplement, tilt their head back and try to swallow. The problem with that is you constrict your throat when you are tilted back. What you want to do is toss them in the mouth and then lean forward and swallow. When you swallow like that, it opens up your throat and helps them go right down. I actually do that and I could swallow about 12 pills at once because you open up your throat when you do that (although it is likely best to NOT attempt taking 12 pills at once!)  

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