How to do a Hot Compress for Dry Eye

Hot Compress Therapy for Dry Eye

Is it necessary to do warm compresses two times a day? 

Warm compresses are mostly just a symptom relief. They do help with your oil glands if you can keep a really high temperature in your mask. You can do it for once a day, or twice a day, but it's mainly a symptom relief aide. If it's making you feel better, that's what matters and if you want to do it twice a day then you can. However if you only want to do it once a day, you can do that as well.


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Dr. Travis


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 Dr. Travis

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Hey Carol. check out this blog, it might be helpful!

Carol Catlett

I have Sjoren’s Syndrome and very dry eyes! Have a great Eye Doctor who has tried to help
Me.. I am using Xiidra eye drops twice a day, sometimes three times a day , I sometimes think it’s not working too well! For several months now have watering eyes very frustrating! Put drops called Systane Balance in between the Xiidra! For the watering, seems to sometimes help and sometimes it helping! The wind kills me the cold air kills me! I have not called or been back to
My doctor since October! He did tell me that it would be bad in the winter! Is there anything else you would recommend for eyes watering?

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