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How a Healthy Lifestyle can Help Treat MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction)

November 22, 2017 3 min read

MGD and Diet

I have MGD and had IPL with my doctor today. My oil varies from good quality all the way to toothpaste. What can I do? 

Looks like she has used Avenova as well as our spray. She uses a tea tree oil cleanser religiously and she does IPL. She does warm compresses and massages, fish oil, and Doxycycline. Basically, she wants to know of some other things that can help with her meibomian glands. There is a little bit of a discussion under her question about steroid drops and steroid ointment. I am guessing she is still symptomatic, that is why she is asking this question, but I am not really 100% sure. Continue doing the base line things like cleaning your whole face with the tea tree oil based product. We have our Tea Tree Oil Soap that we use. The soap, the eyelid cleanser, and the omega 3sare your 3 basic steps.

I think that you are at the point now that you really need to take a good look at your diet and learn a lot about nutrition. You may think you eat healthy but you may be completely off base. To give you an example, I had a diabetic in my chair that was overweight and she told me that she eats healthy... people believe what they want to believe and they think that pasta is good for them. They think that bread is good for them, and it really isn’t, it's all highly processed food. The American public has been told what to eat based on what the companies want you to buy. You really need to educate yourself and really learn about food. The best thing to buy is organic produce and making that your main stay of your diet. We shop primarily in the produce section and we only buy organic because organic is going to have more nutrients. Then it's not going to have a million chemicals in it as well. You really need to take a good look at your diet and at our dryeyecommunity.com. If you sign up for the email list, we are going through the diet details this week. We are creating it and are going to record videos around it with brochures as well.

We want to really teach you more about why your body is in such a disease state. You are in this chronic long term, low grade inflammation if you really notice any problems. Then, you start getting heart disease, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, macular degeneration, dry eye. These are all symptoms of a broader picture that is going on. Many doctors seem to look at it and say if you have this symptom, then let’s treat it with some medication to mask it. Instead, we are going to take the approach that if your whole body is shutting down, then why? We need to fix that core reason and symptom. It is not going to be a perfect solution for everybody, but we want to educate you on what you can be doing for that core problem by taking a good look at your exercise and diet. These are the two biggest things along with staying hydrated.

One Love,

Dr. Travis and Dr. Jenna

Dr. Travis Zigler and Dr. Jenna Zigler

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