Blepharitis and Dry Eyelids - What Are the Causes And What Can Be Done?

Blepharitis, Eczema, and Dermatitis on the Eyelids... Why? What Can I Do?

What are some of the most common symptoms of dry eyelids? Itching, soreness, discoloration of the skin, swelling, dryness, redness, and scaly skin are conditions that indicate dry eyelids and they can be a pain to deal with when it happens.  

When to seek medical advice

We all like to look our best. With some conditions like scaling, flaking, and dry skin it is recommended you see your doctor before trying to treat it yourself. You need to find the underlying cause of why this happened. And who better to help you with this than a Dermatologist or Optometrist? Of course you may also consider any recent changes such as new makeup products, skin care products, perfumes or foods, as these products could also cause an allergic reaction when introduced for the first time.

So You Have Dry Eyelids - How Did This Happen?

It is important to have a list of questions prepared when seeking medical advice. Questions like, “Do I need a prescription?””How do you recommend I treat it?” and, “If the treatment doesn't work, how long would you suggest I wait before I come back?” Being prepared saves the doctor time and ensures you remember what you wanted to ask your physician!

What are most of the common causes of dry eyelids?

So You Have Dry Eyelids - How Did This Happen?

People love makeup, but eyeliner, eyeshadow, and even foundation can contribute to problems with the eyelids. Try going without makeup for a few days to see if that helps resolve the problem. Make sure you switch to a hypoallergenic makeup so as not to aggravate your skin!

Shampoo, eyelash curlers, and even face cleansers can also be the problem. Consider making a switch either of the product, or possibly getting new foam pads for your eyelash curler. Hair dye can also be a problem when it contains p-Phenylenediamine.

Food Allergies are a common problem, so when you see the doctor, try to determine if this may be what triggered the dry eyelids. Some allergic food reactions can lead to eczema, acne, and other skin conditions.

Medical conditions like Eczema, Blepharitis, Seborrheic Dermatitis (a chronic relapsing mild form of Dermatitis), and Psoriasis fall into this category. Some other forms of Dermatitis are atopic and caused by airborne allergens. There are so many things to consider!

How do I treat dry eyelids?

We recommend our Lid & Lash Cleanser from HeyedrateSimply clean the eyelids of any debris or makeup and spray closed eyelids with the solution.  Gently rub into the upper and lower lid and lash margin (or just let it dry...no need to rinse!) Repeat morning and evening for best results. This formula can also be used anywhere on the body to fight bacteria and inflammation, following the general steps above.

Common lotions and moisturizers do not work on the eyes and around the eyes, but there are many special products that are marketed specifically for eyes. These can help when treating dry eyelids. Sometimes even just a small dab of vaseline will also work. Just use sparingly and keep it out of your actual eyes...use on the skin only!

Keep your hands away for your face and eyes. This a difficult one as we all touch our face and eyes without even thinking about it, but try, and when you need to, make sure your hands are clean.

There is nothing worse than itchy, dry eyelids. Use common sense, use sunglasses, and protect your eyes. They are the only ones you’ve got. Let us know in the comments below if you suffer from dry eyelids. I know that, as a child, I suffered from dry eyelids. Dr. Travis suffers from Eczema. It happens to us all!

One Love,

Dr. Jenna Zigler, Eye Love

Dr. Jenna Zigler

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