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DEWS II - Update on Dry Eye Syndrome Treatments

August 09, 2017 1 min read

Updated Dry Eye Treatment According to DEWS II

Trace to mild dry eye syndrome

The treatment and modifications in step 1 should be done by ALL dry eye syndrome sufferers.   This is the basis to treatment for all disease.  Remember that a disease is your body's way of telling you that something YOU are doing is wrong!

Mild to moderate dry eye syndrome

    • Changing to a non-preserved topical lubrication
    • Using tea tree oil if Demodex is present
    • Tear conservation, such as punctal occlusion
    • Moisture chamber spectacles or goggles
    • Overnight treatments such as ointments
    • With meibomian gland dysfunction, in-office treatments, such as LipiFlow® or intense pulsed light therapy
    • Topical antibiotics or antibiotic/steroid combinations
    • Limited-duration topical steroids
    • Topical secretagogues
    • Topical anti-inflammatory medications such as cyclosporine (Restasis®)
    • Topical LFA-1 antagonists such as lifitegrast(Xiidra®)
    • Oral macrolide or tetracycline antibiotics

    Moderate to severe dry eye syndrome

        Severe dry eye syndrome

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              October 01, 2019

              Thank you for your question, Patty. Eating sugary foods will definitely increase the inflammation on your eyelids as well as your entire body. It’s never good to eat a diet high in added sugar.

              Reduce the added sugar, keep hydrated, and ild hygiene are a must!



              October 01, 2019

              I have severe dry eyes and red cuts on my eyelids. Does eating sugary treats make it worse?

              Amy Gallant Sullivan, Executive Director TFOS
              Amy Gallant Sullivan, Executive Director TFOS

              August 09, 2017

              Dr. Zigler – Thank you for reviewing the TFOS DEWS II report. TFOS will also be publishing an executive summary of this report as well as a handout for clinicians. . . and a patient version. For more information about TFOS DEWS II and our other reports, on meibomian gland dysfunction, contact lens discomfort, etc. please visit our website: http://tearfilm.org/

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