Can Sleep Medications Cause Dry Eye?

What Medications Cause Dry Eyes?


A patient has been using Ambien to help with sleep for awhile now and she feels that it has contributed to her dry eye problem. She was wondering if there are other people out there having issues with that.


Absolutely, Ambien can cause eye irritation. That is one of the symptoms that is in their little drug info packet. It says that it can cause eye irritation, so to me that means most likely dry eyes.

Some things that you can maybe consider to get off of drugs like Ambien is try a magnesium spray. We use it every night before we go to bed. You just spray it on your chest, or really wherever you want , and it will soak right into your system. Magnesium is great for sleep. That is something that you could consider instead of the pharmaceutical medications if you really want to get off of those to help your dry eyes.  


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Jenna Zigler on May 16 2018 at 02:35PM

Amy – Medications could be causing much of the dry eye you’re experiencing, but unfortunately we are not your doctor and we cannot recommend you go off of any prescription medications without your doctor advising you to do so! Best of Luck
One Love,
Dr. Jenna Zigler

Amy Rentzel on May 16 2018 at 02:32PM

Unfortunately I have advanced Lyme Disease Complex and for me this includes a severe sleep issue and have had to take 3 drugs nightly since 1994 out of desperation. Not sleep meds but very addictive. They never caused dry eye in the past but now wondering if these are the cause. Magnesium spray makes me itch like crazy so I can’t use that but I do take other magnesium.I also find one of the magnesium drinks more helpful before bed, but not enough to start weaning off the drugs. I am not in favor of chemicals by the way. But there’s been damage to the nervous system and at this point these are not optiomal for me. The whole dry eye mess went away for awhile but now it’s back. I have to apply a thick gel to my eyes 2-3 times nightly which further interrupts my sleep. I follow all your dietary/supplement guidelines along with your mask and lid and lash cleanser. Exercise as tolerated. Also use gel drops during the day. Ointments dry me out further. Is there any hope for relief?

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